Welcoming Good Day Organics to The Beauty Crew!
Skincare knows no gender y’know! Which is why we’ve chosen to team up with Good Day Organics – bringing ethical and natural skincare, men’s grooming… and pets grooming!

Handmade with precision in small batches in County Durham, Good Day Organics’ Mount Purious skincare range is made using carefully selected plant oils and extracts from around the world, making it 100% pure, organic and plant-based. Tick, tick, tick! Inspired by travels around Scandinavia, North America and Australia, the Mount Purious range is made of the purest natural ingredients and processed using their refined ‘cold press extraction process’, which allows them to retain all the nutrients, vitamins and omega fatty acids found naturally in the ingredients – which are great for deeply moisturising the skin!

Not sure if we mentioned, but Good Day Organics also use only ethically sourced ingredients from only certified organic farmers around the world, meaning there’s no nasty extras to worry about! (FYI, that means it’s great for all skin types, including sensitive!).
Crew Faves

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this trailblazing team will have beards growing in length and strength, looking healthy and feeling soft while preventing irritation! We love the Forest Trail scent (which lingers for over 30 minutes) because its organic ingredients mean it’s gentle on sensitive skin, but if unscented is your vibe you can also shop the unscented range here.

Now, on to the juicy stuff!
Pet care.
Firstly, we’ll take everything.

The Majestic Mutt pet care range had the team fully pampering our pups, and we’re here for it! With products to moisturise, protect, repel and repair, there’s something for every occasion! Plus, with them being 100% natural they won’t cause irritation, and in fact have healing properties thanks to their organic ingredients including cannabis sativa oil. If we could insert an ‘aww’ face emoji, we would.

Majestic Mutt Canine Coat Oil (£9.99, 50ml) and Paw and Nose Balm (£9.99, 90g)
We love the Coat Oil because of its ease of application, alongside its gently moisturising properties which leave coats looking shiny and healthy. The Paw and Nose balm protects and moisturises while having a gentle fragrance, so as not to interfere with our pooches’ delicate sense of smell. We like to think of it like lip balm… and we wouldn’t go a day without lip balm.
So, to put it simply we love Good Day Organics for looking after our hairier friends and family. ‘Cause, they’re worth it! 😉
Love, The Beauty Crew…