Welcoming Doap Beauty to The Beauty Crew!
Inspired by local, ethical beauty, DOAP satisfies our growing urge for natural, organic bath and body care with their Hertfordshire-based home-made range. Spending months perfecting their recipes, DOAP Beauty products are hand-made to order in small, refined batches, using the finest organic and ethically-sourced ingredients.

As always, we only choose to work with brands whose ethos’ align with our own, and DOAP’s products are vegan and cruelty-free with no micro-beads, synthetic substances or petro-chemicals (definitely ingredients we want to avoid). PLUS their packaging is minimal, recyclable and reusable. Tick!

From body scrubs and butters, to bath bombs and milks, to candles and home fragrances – DOAP utilises vegan fragrance oils leaving all their products unapologetically aromatic and kind to skin.

Crew Faves

Rich in beneficial vitamins and Omega 3 fats with shea butter and cocoa to nourish the skin, this is DOAPs signature body butter, but better! Revamped with the soft gooey goodness of a marshmallow scent. Yep. We’re here for that.

Honestly, this is what we imagine the DOAP HQ to smell like. Like, all the time. Fresh, floral and filled with natural, ethical ingredients.

We love DOAP for stripping us back to the basics and encouraging us to appreciate what Mother Nature gave us! No harsh chemicals, just natural nourishment. Pretty dope if you ask us.
Love, The Beauty Crew…